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Case Study

Resort owners needed to increase profitability but were too financially leveraged to qualify for traditional solar financing

The resort was facing

  • Extremely high electricity bills and rising utility rates

  • Aging equipment that was inefficient and costly to maintain


  • Limited lending capacity or cash reserves

  • Wanting to void personal guarantees


The Solution

SDR was able to provide a no money out-of-pocket, off balance sheet solution to install solar and other energy upgrades while still saving money. Incrementally, they secured cash for reserves and working capital.​

Solution scope:

  • 894kW solar system that provides yr-1 savings of $234,000 and 25-yr savings of $6,200,000​​

  • New energy-efficient boiler that also eliminated expensive maintenance

  • 3 EV chargers with 6 total charging ports to make the property more appealing to guests


  • Resort-wide energy management system that optimizes load usage for even greater savings

  • Improved net operating income

  • Increased property value

Most importantly, the client was delighted with the outcome of more money and less hassle!