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The SD Renewables Portal empowers users to increase their sales velocity. Instantaneously qualify leads for financing and immediately generate co-branded customer proposals.

Our portal leverages our proprietary AI-based engine to help you save time and simplify your sales process

Portal Overview

Automatically generate Clean Energy PPA® Proposals

  • Cobranded customer-facing proposal

  • Indicative proposal includes estimated

    • Solar system size

    • Year-1 solar production

    • PPA rate Annual consumption

    • Avoided cost

    • Solar savings

    • Aerial photo of customer's building

  • Determine funding eligibility

  • Calculate estimated rooftop size

  • List of key next steps

  • Utility API - integrated emailing of customer Utility API request

  • LOI - Automatically email your customer a LOI via DocuSign

  • Track lead and proposal status