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Great Partners

The benefits of becoming a partner are considerable as we substantially widen the sales funnel for our partners.

Until now, solar developers have only been able to sell projects to cash-rich or creditworthy property owners who could afford these projects…but 80% of U.S. commercial/industrial properties don’t fall into that category.

Imagine no longer needing to worry about the financial worthiness of your prospect. 


Sell to Everybody!  Liberate your sales force!

SD Renewables helps you to substantially expand your sales funnel

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Prospects now include:

  • Non-Investment Grade (Non-IG) properties

  • Those who want to preserve working capital

  • Those who don't want to own and operate

  • Those who also want to fund a new roof or other energy projects

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We do even more to support our partners in expanding their sales funnel

Customized Marketing

We have refined our sales materials for optimal conversion. We customize and co-brand with you to win more prospects

Full Sales Training

We train your salespeople on how and where to offer our financial solutions for greatest success.

Dedicated Service Team

Proven partners are assigned a dedicated service team always available to provide prospecting, sales and project support.

Instant Pricing & Proposals

Our portal allows you to instantaneously generate co-branded proposals, manage opportunities and process projects more efficiently.

Sales Efficiency

Target prospects that are prequalified for SDR financing. Our refined messaging allows customers to quickly and easily embrace our solutions.

We Don't Do It Alone

SD Renewables partners with best in class developers and agents to help property owners maximize savings without having to touch their cash or lines of credit.

Our partners are required to uphold the highest standards of excellence in order to qualify for our program.

  • High levels of customer satisfaction​​

  • Excellence in project design, engineering and project construction work as designated in their category

  • Strong financial balance sheet and leadership team

  • Clear succession planning

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Shawn Lathrom

Southern California West Coast Electric, Inc.

We value the SD Renewables relationship and appreciate their efforts to support our company as we expand our customer relationships. I've been doing this for close to 10 years and have yet to see a financier provide the level of attention that you all do at SDR.  It's impressive, and with our best quality systems to the customer at the best pricing, we intend to make SDR our primary partner in winning more business in the years ahead.