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It’s all about savings! Every solar system is engineered to deliver both short- and long-term customer savings. Avoided utility costs are realized in the first year and the system is designed to deliver 15% to 20% average savings over the term of the agreement. With no capital outlay, commercial property owners hold on to more of their cash, while generating even more savings over 25 years.

Why pay the local utility? Locked in electricity rates from solar panels on your roof. Targeted savings of 20% or more!


What is the
SD Renewables Clean Energy PPA?

  • The SDR Clean Energy PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a transformational PACE-PPA product that qualifies previously ‘unfinanciable’ credit-constrained commercial properties.

  • The SDR Clean Energy PPA is a power purchase agreement built on PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Assessment, using the property tax assessment to qualify for financing and to collect bi-annual PPA Payments.

  • The PPA is 100% performance-based. Property owners, the customer, receive compensation if the solar system produces less electricity than expected.


Commercial and Industrial buildings stand to save thousands of dollars every year by reducing their net energy Expense.



With SD Renewables’s market leading PPA financing option, we can install a solar system on your property at no cost, and you pay only for the electricity generated by the system through a service agreement at a reduced rate for a 25-year period.   


Top-8 Benefits for Building Owners


Lock-in energy

Savings are immediate and realized in the first year. Zero upfront and no maintenance cost to building owners. Owners benefit from predictable energy rates for 25 years and only pay the energy delivered from the solar system located on their property.


Zero Cost

No capital outlay and no personal or corporate guarantees, or encumbrances. Save money immediately with lower cost energy produced on your own property.



100% performance-based with warranty, insurance, and monitoring and system management included at no additional cost throughout the 25-year term.


property value

All related property improvements not only reduce operating expenses, but also enhance the market value of your property. In the event of a sale, the benefits of the PPA contract transfer to the new property buyer.


Finance Deferred

Non-solar upgrades can be included in the Clean Energy PPA, which allows for other energy/water efficiency enhancements to qualify for inclusion in the financed solution. Owners can address needed upgrades such as new rooftops, HVAC, and energy efficiency improvements.


Tax Benefits

Not all property owners have the ability to utilize the Investment Tax Credit associated with the purchase of a solar system. We monetize these tax benefits on solar and storage equipment and share the value with the property owner through lower electricity costs.



Off-Balance Sheet. No personal or corporate guarantees. The Clean Energy PPA works for buildings of all sizes, and industries, across the country; delivering instant savings for groups that do not have a public investment grade rating, sizeable tax appetite, or investable capital for system installation and ownership.



In the case property sale, benefits and obligations pass through to the purchaser. Any payment obligations are “off balance sheet” and remain with the property; not the business.


Win-Win for Owner-Occupied Businesses

Property Owner:

• Executes 25 year PPA (electricity procurement contract)

• Increase to property value

• Reduce net operating expenses

SD Renewables:

• Funds 100% upfront capital requirements,

• Owns and operates the system for up to 25 years


Eligibility Criteria

The following identifies some of the key criteria
to qualify for the Clean Energy PPA.


The Clean Energy PPA financing can only be utilized by a property owner who pays property taxes and/or agrees to voluntary property tax assessment


Funding is available for investments in clean energy and energy efficiency and can include other building upgrades.


Owner is current on property tax payments, with no bankruptcies or outstanding liens


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